My Dog and Me Park Engagement Session| Madison, Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

Dean, Krista, Knodel and a few beers

Couple kiss at the I/O Arcade and bar

I just knew this engagement session was going to be all fun, because when I first saw Dean and Krista, Krista was rocking rad blue hair and a radiant smile! I had communicated with Krista over email a few times before our session and built a connection with her over her love of her future husband and her love of her family and her pup Knodel.

Krista and I talked a little bit about family during our first email communications planning her My Dog and Me Park engagement session. Right off the bat, she told me about her deep-rooted relationship with her Dad. Her Dad had a ton of character. You see, he wore only blue jeans. She knew he would be wearing blue jeans at her wedding, even if he was the only one there who was - and she cherished that. I could just feel the love she has for him as she spoke of him. Sadly, I was crushed to learn that just before our session, her dad unexpectedly passed away. Though the grief was still fresh, Krista and Dean were determined to have raw, real, and joy-filled engagement session.

And joy-filled it was. Finally, the day for photos was here and we were starting our fun at I/O Arcade Bar, "Madison place for drinker's with a gaming problem". This cool bar is full of video games, arcade games and even board games for people to enjoy together while hanging out while having a few drinks together.

Couple plays pinball at the I/O Arcade and bar

Dean and Krista's pup, Knodel, met us over at My Dog and Me Park. First of all, how perfect is the name of this park for an engagement photo session with two incredible people and their fur child. Let me put an emphasis on incredible. As if their first email with me wasn't raw and real enough- I have never felt so whole heartily accepted by two people from the moment we said hello. They are beautiful on their own, but oh man. Together, Krista and Dean shine so brightly.

During our My Dog and Me Park engagement session, I asked Dean and Krista about how they met. Can you believe it?, they met on Tinder! True love can be found on the app after all. Dean said he was drawn in by Krista's warmth and honesty. Krista was blown away by Dean's kindness and respect. Shortly after they met Krista went on a month long trip to Germany, but that didn't stop their connection. They would text at all hours of the day and night. (Is that the makings of a chick flick or WHAT!?)

A couple smile at each other in a field of grass at My Dog and Me Park

I am so honored I was there to capture not just their engagement and wedding, but also to be a part of their lives. I wish nothing but the absolute best for this stellar couple and their sweet pup, Knodel! Check out their fall wedding at Emily's Ten Oaks Ranch. Emily's Ten Oaks Ranch has a wide variety of animals including cats, dogs, horses, goats, a buffalo and kangaroos! It’s an animal lovers paradise!